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Dimensyo Library is fully featuread 3D Content Management System (CMS)Preview 3D models (even in thumbnail mode)

    • Catalogize your products and add keywords / tags / SKUs
    • Assing any 3D model to other users (appear in their library)
    • Share the content with unique permalink
    • Invite your Team members for collaboration
    • Set up appearance of 3D model preview
    • Configure your product variations
    • Create animations or generate video output
  • Dimensyo 3D/AR viewer fully featured 3D viewer

    • instant integration – embed easily anywhere on website
    • white labeled – remove our logo or publish with any other brand
    • advanced webAR – web based Augmented Reality without need to download any App
    • product variations choice as optional feature

SneakersAir    >     Jordan 5 Retro “Raging Bull” (GS)

Air Jordan 5 Retro "Raging Bull" (GS)


Brand: Jordan

E-shop – online:



139,90 €